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Infosys Placement Papers

I. Rohith can catch either the harbour line train or main line train from his nearest railway station kandala to reach his office. Both the trains have a frequency of 10 min. In the morning office Hours. The harbour line trains arrive evary 10min. Starting from 5:00a.m and the main line trains arrive at every 10min. Starting from 5:02a.m
ii. In a certain department store the position of
Buyer,cashier,clerk, floorwalkar, & manager are held, though not necessarily Respectively ,by m$ the cashier & the manager were roommates in college. the buyer is bachelor, evans & miss ames have only business contacts with each other mrs conroy was greatly dosappointed when her husband told her That the manager had refuge to give him a raise. davis is going to be the best man when the clerk & the cashier Are married .
what position does each person held.?

iii. tanveer and kunal went down a descending escalator . The escalator Was going down at a contant speed . Kunal walked down the steps and Had to cover 50 steps to reach the bottom.tanveer on the other hand , ran Down the steps of the escalator and hence had to take 75 steps to reach The bottom . Actually , tanveer took 3 steps in the same time it took Kunal to take 1 step . How many steps would be visible when the ecalator Is stopped and not operating.?
iv. In a four team foot-ball tournament , all the teams played each
Other in three rounds of matches are shown in the table -a . Some of
The results of the tournament are shown in the table _b . Using the
Clues given below, please fill -in the blank columns in the result
Table-b (goals for & goals for against ? ).
note : two points for win , one point for draw & zero points for
Defeat are awarded .
clues :
1. East zone won the tournament despite scoring one less goal than The runners -up.
2. 2. North zone scored an odd number of goals in their first round Game
3. South zone , who failed to score in their final match , were
Beaten by a two -goal margin in the first round.
4. East zone lost their match aginst west zone.
5. All four teams scored goals in the second round matches
6. West zone scored the same number of goals against east zone as North zone scored aginst them.
7. East zone scored four goals in round two match.
table - a ( matches played )
round 1 north zone vs south zone
west zone vs east zone.
round 2 south zone vs west zone
east zone vs north zone
round 3 south zone vs east zone
west zone vs north zone

table - b ( results
played won draw lost golas for goals
east zone 3 - - - ? 3
north zone 3 - - - ? ?
west zone 3 - - - 4 3
south zone 3 - - - 2 5
v. at six o'clock the wall clock struck 6 times . Checking with my
Watch , i noticed that the time between the first & last strokes was 30
Seconds. How long will the clock take to stike 12 at mid night (ans 66
vi. Plese answer the q's with reference to the facts given below ( 8
Marks )
1 . The members of a certain tribe are divided into three castes
-abhor , dravid , & magar castes
2. An abhor women cannot marry a dravid man
3. A magar man cannot marry a dravid women.
4. A son takes the caste of his father , a daughter takes the
Caste of
her mother .
5. All marriages except those mentiond above are permitted
6 . There are no children born out of wed lock.


1) an abhor woman marries and has three children , all of whom are Member$
i) if she were to be married to a magar man , they have
No male$
ii) if she were to be married to abhor man ,they may have
Male chi$
iii) if her fourth child is male , he may be a dravid,.
a) i only
b) iii only
c) i & ii only
d) ii & iii only
e) i , ii & iii
2) it can be inferred from the condition described that a magar man
i) cannot have a dravid grand mother
ii) cannot have a dravid mother
iii ) may have a abhor mother
a) i only
b) ii only
c) i & ii only
d) ii & iii only
e) i , ii & iii
3) when two dravids are married , it is impossible for them to have
i) any female abhor descendents
ii ) an abhor great_ grand daughter \
iii) an abhor grand daughter
a)i only
b) iii only
c) i & ii only
d) ii & iii only
e) i , ii & iii
4) an abhor woman
a)can have a dravid grandson
b) cannot have a magar son
c) cannot have a magar grand son
d) can have a magar daughter -in - law
e) cannot have a dravid grand daughter
vii. ( 2 marks )
in certain community there are thousand married couples .
thirds of the husbands who are taller than their wives are also
and three quarters of the husbands who are heavier than their wives Are also taller . If there are 120 wives who are taller and heavier
Than their husbands, how many husbands are taller and heavier than their wives ?
viii. Both the gupthas and sinhas have two young sons whose ages are Under eleven. The names of the boys, whose ages roundedoff to
The nearest year are all different, are rajesh, praveen,lalith and
Prathap. taking the ages of the ages of the boys only to the nearest
Year, the following statements are true.
rajesh is three years younger than his brother is.
praveen is the oldest.
prathap is 5yrs older than the younger sinhas boy.
lalith is half as old as one of the guptha boys.
the total ages of the boys in each family differ by the
amount today as they did five years ago. --- 7 marks.
ix. A long division sum ---- 7 marks

in the complete solution there are four 5's.
find the missing digits.

x. Following services are operated by asian airlines between the two

are located in different countries with different time zones.
As is is normally done, the time shown is the local time- viz ist
& tst. regular flight supersonicflig
arrive alexandria 17:10 tst 15:40 tst
depart " " 20:50 tst 22:50 tst
arrive rampur 23:40 ist ? Ist
the arrival time of supersonic flight into rampur from
Alexandr$ arrival time of the super sonic flight assuming each
Service- regular and supersonic maintains its own constant speed
Of flig$
don't answer for all the puzzules. 8 are the safe one.


1)A,B,C,D,E related.4 of them made these statements each.
i)C is my son in law's brother.
ii)B is my father's brother.
iii)E is my mother in law.
iv)A is my brother's wife.
who made these statements?(person mentioned is one of A,B,C,D,E)(10 mar ks).

2)e means belong.
All members of E e D.
All members of D e A.
Not all members of D e E.
Not all members of A e D.
All members of C e both A and B.some questions are asked about relatio n.use venn diagram.(5 marks).

3)complete the table.
Played won lost draw goals goals
for against
A 2 2 1
B 2 1 2 4
C 2 3 7

A,B,C are 3 hockey teams.(2 marks).

4) A says Party was held on :Thursday ,May 8th.
B says Party was held on :Tuesday,May 10th.
C says party was held on :Friday ,June 8th.
Given April 1 st was of A,B,C says 1 says 1
wrong.and one was completely wrong of date,Month and day. Find the Day the party held. (5marks).

5) A ship is away from the shore by 180 miles.A plane is travelling at
10 times speed of the ship.How long from the shore will they meet?

6) Every station in N railroad issue everyother station's ticket.
some stations are added.Now they have to issue 46 more tickets.
say the No.of stations after and before added.(5 marks).

7) 3 persons say these statements.
A says either Democratic or liberal wins the elections.
B says Democratic wins.C says neither democratic nor liberal wins
the election.of these only one is wrong.who wins the election?
(5 marks).

8) A clock showing 6 o'clock takes 30 secs to strike 6 times.How long
will it take to strike 12 at midnight?Ans.66 secs.(2marks)

9) Only boys aged > 16 wear coats.
Boys aged > 15 go to watch football.some more statements are given.
What can be said about those who are watching football ? (age and
(5 marks).

10) There are 3 societies A,B,C having some tractors each.
A Gives B and C as many tractors as they already have.
After some days B gives A and C as many tractors as they have.
After some days C gives A and B as many tractors as they have.
Finally each has 24 tractors.what is the original No.of
tractors each had in the beginning?
Ans.A -39.
B- 21.
C- 12.(7 marks).
11) 4,5 statements.From that find the answer.(7 marks).

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