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Infosys - 6

attended Infosys written test on 11th Sep 2005 at Meenakshi College at Chennai.

I cleared the written test and the Interview was on the next day at sholinganallur Chennai. There were 4 to 7 panels (not sure about it).Each panel has 2 members and some have one member only. Interview was 0% technical.

1. A person is 80 years old in 490 and only 70 years old in 500 in which year
is he born?

2. I spent one-sixth of my age as a boy and one-12th in youth, remarked the boss "spent one-seventh and five years in matrimony". My son born just after that period was elected as a governor 4 years back when he was half of my present age. What is the age of the boss?

3. A person travels in a car with uniform speed. He observes the milestone, which has 2 digits. After one hour he observes another milestone with same digits reversed. After another hour he observes another milestone with same 2 digits separated by 0. Find the speed of the car?

4. 'A' says if seventy five chickens are sold from what we have now the feed will last for extra 20 days but 'B' says if we buy additional 100 chickens then feed will get over 15 days earlier. Find the no. of chickens both are having now?

5. Trains leave from New York to Washington every hour on the hour (1:00, 2:00....).Trains leave from Washington to New York every hour on the hour and half hour (1:00, 1:30, 2:0, 2:30....).It takes a train 5 hrs to complete its journey from Washington to New York as well as from New York to Washington. A train leaves from New York to Washington. Find out how many trains it will meet before it reaches Washington.

I remember only till this question only.

9. One question similar to 11th question on “Puzzles to puzzle u” but not that much easier question (related to that) (4 line question).

There were 3 logical question of 8, 8, 6 marks. And one more 3 marks aptitude question.

7. Captain is making a race between some friends (5 members) and some 6 condition were given asked to find out their positions in the race. (6 mark)

8th and 6th can’t remember.

10.11 to 14 sentences were given about that and 4 person names and 4 things as hat, tie, and scarf and asked who is wearing what. (Most difficult one)(8 mark)

Interview Experience:

U r looking different from the photo and real (as I was wearing glass on the time of interview and not in the photo)

What is your father?

What is your role in your project?

What is Patrol leader in school? (B’coz I specified in the achievements about that)

Give a situation were u can work as a team and alone?

And then they gave two puzzles but I can’t solve it at that time. But I can solve it after I came out from the room. They were.

1. There are two vessels of same size with water in it and one is 20 degree Celsius and other is 20 degree Fahrenheit. When a coin is put in both vessel which will reach bottom first.

Ans: as 20 degree Fahrenheit is definitely a freezing pt, at this time none can be be immersed so at 20 degree Celsius the coin will immerse first.

2. A Doctor and Nurse gave birth to a child. The child becomes 15 years of age then one day teacher asked the child about their parents and she said that his father is not a doctor and his mother was not a nurse. How is it possible?

Ans: The doctor and Nurse processed the delivery of child and not they are the father and Mother of the child.

And finally they asked any questions from your side??

Then they said the results will be after 4 to 6 weeks.


(On written test the selection is based on 10th 12th, graduation aggregate and also puzzles and English. Puzzles clearing cut off is based on your 10th ,12th and BE Aggregate, so if u have more marks in all these then your cutoff will be less. This info is Up to my knowledge but not sure)

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