Sunday, May 17, 2009

Infosys Placement Papers - 7

) A man was on his way to a marriage in a car with a constant speed. After 2 hours one of the tier is punctured and it took 10 minutes to replace it. After that they traveled with a speed of 30 miles/hr and reached the marriage 30 minutes late to the scheduled time. The driver told that they would be late by 15 minutes only if the 10 minutes was not waste.

Find the distance between the two towns?(6Marks)

Ans: 120 miles

2). B & C initially speak English but when D joined Spanish, they also took up Spanish. The only common language between A, B and E is French. The only common language between C and E is Italian. Three people speak Portuguese. Most common language is Spanish. One person knows all 5 languages. One person knows 4. One person knows 3. One person 2. One person 1.

Who speaks what ? (6 marks).







3). A cyclist is cycling in a circular path. he is at some point on the path, at that point 1/5th of the cyclists infront of him and 5/6th back to him gives the total number of clyclists participating in the race. What is the total number of cyclists?

Ans:31.(4 Marks)

4) Players were playing a card game. Cards had different colours on both sides. Neither of cards had same colour on both sides. Colours were 2 Red, 2 Blue, 2 Green, 2 Yellow. Cards were lying in front of each player. Now, each player knew the colour on other side of his card. They are required to tell their colour.

Statement given by each of them was :

Annie : Blue or Green

Bobby : Neither Blue nor Green

Cindy : Blue or Yellow

Danny : Blue or Yellow

Colours of cards that are visible to all were Red, Blue, Green, Blue in order of their names. Exactly two of them are telling truth and exactly two of them are lieing. Can you tell the colour on other face of card for each player ? (6 Marks)

Sol :

Annie : Yellow (Lieing)

Bobby : Yellow (Telling truth)

Cindy : Blue (Telling truth)

Danny : Green (Lieing)

5) 5 Shop-owners have one daughter each. Each of them name their shop after another's daughter. certain details given. Who is dimple's father?

Ans: Mrinal (4 Marks)

6)if a person is sitting in a exam having 30 questions (objective type) the examiner use the formula to calculate the score is S=30+4c-w here c is number of correct answer and w is number of wrong answer , the examiner find the score is more than 80, tell how may questions are correct ? if the score is little less but still more than 80 then u wont be able to answer.

Ans :- 16 ( 6Marks)

7) This was a simple question about a running race. I couldn't recollect the correct question............Samantha beat Jack..........Jim was forwarded by jack and Tom and so on.......Jack was not the last to reach.........Jim was not the first.....Who won the race??

Ans:- Samantha ( 3 Marks)

8)A Father Has to Give Coins to his Childern, The Oldest Son will get 1/2th ,then next son will get 1/4 th of Remaining, theirs son will get 1/5th of Remaining and then his youngest son get 49 Coins. So Initially How Much coins that Father Had?? ( 3 Marks)

9) There are 3 teachers and 6 subjects. Some conditions like when the biology teacher was playing cards with the geography teacher, the history teacher was in class. Te1 and the geography teacher are ighbours ....... I Don't Remember the Entire Question ( 6 Marks)

10) Sorry Friends…………………..(6 Marks)

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