Sunday, May 17, 2009

Infosys - 6

1. A man is 80 yrs old in the year 490 and 90 yrs old
in the year 480. when was he born? 3 Marks

Ans : 570

2. A man starts from his house and after some time he
comes across a milestone that shows the distance
travelled in Kms. It is a 2 digit number. after an hr. he
gets another milestone with the same 2 digits
After an hr. he gets another milestone with the
same two digits but with a Zero in between.
What is his speed? 4 marks

Ans : 45kph

3. Sita goes to Gita's house during vacation. they
play a game of chess everyday and the loser has to
give a chocolate to the winner for every game . Sita
gave 8 chocolates to Gita at the end of the vacation,
although she had won 12 games. How long did she stay
there? 5 marks

Ans : 32 days

4. There is a train from NY to Washington every 1/2 hr
and 1 hr. there is a train from Washington to NY
every 1 hr. (constant speed assumed) it takes 5 hrs
from NY to Washington and 5 hrs. to come back.
On your way from Washington to NY, how many trains
will cross you? 6 marks

Ans: 19 trains

There were 2 big 8 mark questions whose data I don't remember. I got one of them correct and guessed the other. There were 2 questions that I did'nt feel like
attempting, so left the answers blank. whatever I did, I ensured that I showed it clearly in the 2 rough sheets provided. I ensured that I scored at least 30. left the rest to fate.

Results were out the same evening. I could see my name in the 180 short listed for the interview next day.

Here is how it went:

They had given me a time 9:40 am. i reached the place at 9:05am and my name was called exactly at 9:40. There were 2 in a panel . A man over 50 with tremendous experience and a lady over 40 with good experience.

1st question was : Tell me about urself.- the man asked.
I said what I had prepared for 2 pages. it was good and the person seemed impressed.

(bouncers followed)

Who is the table tennis national champion? - he asked
I said i donno, i am sorry.

Has there been any change in the rules of the game
recently?- he asked

( i thot i had come to a wrong place!! perhaps I should not have written Table tennis as one of my interests)

I'm not sure . - i said

he wanted an answer.
" Related to the points"? - he asked
yes - i said. previously there were 15 points , now its 20 points.

yes- i said

" Related to the size of the ball " ?- he asked

i gave a smile. i donno - i said.

The lady had meanwhile seen my application.
So u like music?- she asked

yes. very much. In fact music is my passion and i have won inter college competition in 2004 in vocals.- i said

have you taken any professional training ?
i have a junior diploma in classical music.- i said

From which university?
Prayag university in Allahabad- i said

How many institutes do u know of in india which give such training ?
i know none other than prayag - i said

So u like chess too?

Who is the champion of chess in India?
i waited ...then said Mr. Vishwanathan Anand

Tell me how many squares are there in a chess board?
i said 64 . then said no. there are many more.
(they gave me a paper and pen to solve) I had solved it a yr ago. but it just did'nt strike me at that time. i said 8! but couldn't prove it.
(when i came out, it struck me that the answer was 8^2+ 7^2+......1^2)

Where do you see yourself 5 yrs down the line? - the lady asked
(i thot for a while).. as a team leader but my 1st and foremost priority is to learn as much as possible all the time. Especially with all these changes in the
industry coming about. i want to update myself everyday with technology.

So do you read newspapers?- he asked
Everyday- i said Which was the place which was most affected by the
recent Hurricane ?
The Mississippi region.

(he shakes his head) which was the city which was asked to evacuate?
i said ..yes...but i could not recollect.

He said - the name Started with "New".

i thot ..then said New Orleans.

So what kind of music is famous over there?
i gave a smile... and said i dont know.

I thot u were interested in music ? -he said
Yes. but i really donno the answer of that, i'm sorry

Interestingly, the lady took the cap of a cello pen and placed it on the table.
Tell me some possible ways in which you could use this cap, be creative.- she said.

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