Friday, April 3, 2009


mainly C and puzzles.


(1)comparison question of array and linked list. why is array poorer.
ans: inserting new elements at front is potentially expensive

(2) how to insert a new element in a linked list.
(3) some programs and asking for result.
(4) where does malloc allocate memory
ans : heap.

(1) car tied to a tree with infinite elastic rope. drives at 100kmph. ant on tree travelling along the rope at 1.5kmph. will the ant catch up with the car.

(2) lion lies on monday,tuesday and wednesday. unicorn on thursday,friday and saturday. on other days both say the truth.

one day lion said: yesterday was one of my lying days.
unicorn said: yesterday was not one of my lying days.

what day is it:

ans: thursday.

(3) square of 8x8 can be filled with 2x1 rectangles. now if we remove two corner squares(opposite) than can the remaining object be covered completely with 2x1 squares.? explain.
ans: no. explain urself :)

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